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A National Honor's Memorial Project

It is with great sadness to report...

While you were sleeping, someone's loved one, nearly 210+ individuals,

have succumb to the COVID virus and its variances! I can only pray that someone you know haven't FALLEN VICTIM.


As a survivor of COVID-19, I understand only too well how it affects your body, and your life. Ever since this life-threatening virus had invaded our lives in December of 2019 - to date 2023, this virus is continuously taking lives.

I personally know of several people who have died from this disease. I bet you know someone, and how heartbroken it is to witness or to experience yourself. 


I was inspired to create both Community Mega Group, and CMG HONOR'S PARK which encourages families to honor the lives of their loved ones lost to Covid-19, and other devastating diseases. weather you know someone that has fallen, or if you have experience it firsthand, we what to honor them or you.


CMG Has partnered with several local, national and international organizations and businesses, our aim is to commemorate and honor your loved one's life with a special, reminiscent tribute on our CMG HONOR'S PARK "A Family Legacy" Wall.


Why choose Community Mega Group, - CMG HONOR'S PARK?

Community Mega Group, LLC was created to bring awareness to the many senseless deaths caused by the worse pandemic since 1918. Over 106,300,000+ cases to-date nationally, and over 1,116,345+ people have perished from this disease throughout the United States.   Currently there are 21,593+ hospitalized throughout the United States, Many variants have added to this death toll! This pandemic is here to stay. Getting VACCINATED can ensure the safety of others and yourself. This Virus doesn't care about your race, age, nor financial status. We are all in this together. 

I personally saw the need to create a memorial wall as a lasting tribute to the many victims of the worse pandemic in over 100 years.  To learn more about the facts of this virus, go to

Click here to connect

to the CDC website


Covid's reign during the year 2019/2021 affected the world, as a result, it brought about difficult times for each of us. We have suffered unprecedented losses, family, friends, and our precious young people, we must never forget them! We can honor them by placing their names and/or photo on our Memorial Wall so we can always remember how their lives were important to us for many years to come.

CMG HONOR'S PARK, Inc. along with you, will honor our loved ones.  This Park will be constructed to Remember the Victims of COVID-19 and other ailments that took the lives of loved ones too soon. 


CMG HONOR'S PARK will become a Family Legacy. CMG will honor the victims of this pandemic from all over the United States, located in the great city of Detroit, Michigan.

You Ask Why Detroit?       

Detroit, the MotorCity known for the birth of the Motown sound, was name Time Magazine's top 50 "World's Greatest Places" of 2022. Its great entertainment venues and sports teams makes Detroit the Ideal location for the CMG HONOR'S PARK.   CMG is looking forward to breaking ground in late spring of 2023. 

The significant importance of CMG HONOR'S PARK memorial wall is to assure our surviving families devastated by their loved one's untimely demise are not forgotten.  CMG does not want our loved ones to be just a nameless statistic, your loved one's name will be prominently displayed on the memorial wall for all to see and remember.

There are no words to express the hurt generated from the overwhelming losses throughout our nation and across the globe.  This pandemic has prevented us from being there for our loved ones in their time of need. Many people have lost loved ones in nursing homes, and hospitals, without ever getting the opportunity to say goodbye. 

Community Mega Group, LLC has created CMG HONOR'S PARK (a Michigan based non-profit organization) to assure many families devastated by their loved one's untimely demise are not forgotten. CMG does not want our loved ones to be just some statistic or a number on a sheet of paper, CMG wants to show that their lives mattered and were valued by their families left behind.

CMG asks if you do not have a need for a remembrance memorial, please be kind and generous enough to make a donation or contribution to help us provide programs and projects and other well needed services to assistance the survivors and families of Covid-19 victims. Help us, help them!  To make a contribution - go to our Cash-App-CMG Mega Group - $CMGUnity.   or our PayPal We accept donations in any amount in as little as $1.00, One Dollar!  Your contribution will benefit children and families that have lost loved ones to this disease. All contributions and donations are tax deductible


CMG has also joined with ADONAI DA VIDA DETROIT, in the city of Detroit, MI under the Directorship of Justine Allen, and WE SEE GREATNESS IN YOU of Los Angeles, CA under the Directorship of Terrance Burney, and (dabo) The Detroit Association of Black Organizations of Detroit, under the Directorship of Rev. Horrace Sheffield, all partnership organizations are tax exemption 501(C)(3) (deductible) 


CMG Honors Park will display the names of the fallen which will be engraved in the honors wall.  Our families can also send in a 5X7 photo along with that family member's name and year of passing to be displayed in the halls of our community Honor's Park Center. Together let's remember that our loved ones are more than just a statistic they were OUR FAMILY and FRIENDS.


Please join us in making this National Honors Park ("A Family Legacy") a success. 

You can also connect with us on Facebook at:


Click on image to visit the CDC website for new updates

Current Projects




                                                                                                        Please note this is NOT actual wall 


Honor's Park Wall

(With Names of the Honorees engraved on Brick Tiles)

*Beautiful Landscaping

*Park Benches

*Walk of Honor

*Beautiful Flowers, Trees, Shrubs and Bushes

*Lighted Park Grounds

Lite Sounds of Music throughout the park

*Community Honor's Center

With 5X7 photos of your loved ones displayed

throughout the halls the Community Honor's Center Hallways

CMG HONOR'S PARK, will offer Detroit and other cities around the country opportunity to share and unity through programs, services, and events.   CMG Honor's Park will be a focal point of the loving remembrance of lives lost. Please look for our groundbreaking coming in late spring early summer of 2023.

To receive more information on this national project please contact us at


CMG Honor Park

email us at:

Corporate Office: # 248-609-6009

Business Services: # 313-780-1823



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Click on this Image to reach the city of Detroit Health Department on Covid Information
To learn more about Vaccines and or Booster shots please click on the image to your right


Our mission is to honor the victims of COVID-19 and its associated illnesses, though the creation and develop of community wide opportunities for everyone utilizing our programs. Our projects, and unique services our intended for both local and national commitments, funded by private and business/corporation partnerships.


To create and offer specialized services throughout the United States, while Changing and Unifying the people of our Nation, ONE Family Legacy at a Time. 


The benefits for community organizations, public or private are encouraged to participate in this worthwhile cause. Their involvement builds trust and alliances within the community and other local businesses.

To make a contribution - go to our   Cash-App  CMG Mega Group - $CMGUnity


All Donations are tax deductible 



Your contribution will benefit children and families that have lost loved ones to this disease. Please join us in making this National Honor's Park "A Family Legacy" a success

Contribute easily and securely online using our Cash App or PayPal for more assistance, contact us at 

or by phone at: 248-609-6009


AIM your phone camera here to make a contribution. you can contribute as little as $1.00 or any amount you wish. Lets show our Support together

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Our Locations


Please fill out this form to reach us anytime 

Community Mega Group, LLC  and CMG HONOR'S PARK Thanks You


Corporate Office



220 W. Congress Street

Floor 2, Suite 1006

Detroit, Michigan 48226


Bus.# 248-609-6009

Fax: 313-789-1539

District Office

Community Mega Group, LLC.


24100 Southfield Road

Suite 204

Southfield, MI 48075

Bus.# 313-740-8014


Community Mega Group, LLC

Hidden Oaks Investments, LLC

10725 Birch Run Road

Birch Run, Michigan 48415





Community Mega Group, LLC


8911 N. Capital Of TEXAS Hwy

Suite 4200 - 1053

Austin, Texas 78759

Bus. # 210-879-1493

Fax # 210-899-1505

The Support Council is comprised of a core group of community partners who support the mission and goals of CMG HONOR'S PARK Always Remembering the Victims of COVID-19
"A Family Legacy" .
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Just a few photos from the past

Since the early 90's Mr. Brown has received countless awards, Testimonials, Spirit of Detroit Awards, Special Recognition Awards, and Acknowledgements from: former late; State Senator: Henry Stallings, State Representative Fred Durhal, Jr.  United States Congressman John Conyers and Mayor's Coleman A. Young, Dennis Acher and with a host of supportive letters over the years.

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