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Community Mega Group, LLC is offering first option to become a Sponsors, for a very unique project an unbelievable scale. This project is called Always Remembering the Victims of COVID-19, we are doing this by creating the nations only HONOR’S PARK, "A Family Legacy", schedule for Detroit, around the first of summer 2023.


Community Mega Group’s goal is to create, develop, and offer to the families of those who’s loved ones has fallen victim to this overwhelming virus, as we know as COVID-19.  We understand that this virus is here to stay, even though the vaccines have gotten ahead of it, it is still taking lives daily. The data shows that more than 360+ loved ones perish, that's over 19,315 per year. Although we can’t stop it, we can control it trough vaccines. Community Mega Group together with you, we make sure that our loved ones are remembered forever with HONOR’s PARK “A Family Legacy”.  


It is Community Mega Group focus to offer local and national resources and assistance to many families dealing with the loss of their loved ones. Community Mega Group understands that even though we have lost over 1,090,000+ millions of our loved ones, we will always remember them. To-date more than 96+ million people have contracted this virus and over 22 million of those were hospitalized throughout the United States, this includes me.    


For sponsorship opportunities please contact us at the number: (248)-609-6009 or email:  


I hope that you are interested in joining our efforts to show our respect, admiration, and support for our loved ones. Special projects like this can provide encouragement to a community, and offer some relief to those feeling that personal lost. 

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