Community Mega Group, LLC was created to bring awareness to the many senseless deaths caused by the worse pandemic since 1918, with over 84.258,598 + million cases nationally, and over 550,045,521 + Million cases Worldwide, and more than 1,005,681 + deaths nationally, and over 6,340,166 deaths Worldwide, this is a monumental lost for so many families and their loved ones. How, with the other variants, some even more contagious, we will continue losing many more to this pandemic.   This pandemic is here with us for a very long time, and without each qualified individual getting VACCINATED, we will continue to deal with its wrath. 

The Year 2020 and the beginning of 2022 has been difficult times for us all. We have lost more than enough family and friends, co-workers, first responders, educators and children. Together we can NOT let their deaths be forgotten, EVER. 

COMMUNITY MEGA GROUP, LLC. along with you, we can honor our loved ones with a National Honor's Park, Always Remembering the victims of COVID-19. This Park will honor the victims of this pandemic from all over the United States, right here in the great city of Detroit, MI.  CMG will establish the Community Honor's Center located on the same grounds, that will be host to a wide range of programs and services for the community, and creating the memory halls, which will display a 5x7 photo of our fallen loved ones, every hall walls will have this living memorial throughout the entire center.